Kabul Edilen Bildiriler


1.  Geometric Characterization of Surfaces on Time Scales Ö. Akgüller, S.P. Atmaca
2.  Curvatures of Clusters in Complex Networks M.A. Balcı, Ö. Akgüller
3.  The Weighted Ricci Curvatures and Compactness on Finsler Manifolds Y. Soylu
4.  Horizontal Lifts of Vector Fields to the Semi-tensor Bundle F. Yıldırım
5.  Diagonal Lift Problems in the Semi-tangent Bundle F. Yıldırım
6.  Semi-Tensor Bundle and the Complete Lift of Vector Fields M. Polat, F. Yıldırım
7.  A Study on Mannheim Offsets of Ruled Surfaces G.Y. Şentürk, S. Yüce, N. Kuruoğlu
8.  Inverse of Dual Quaternion Matrices and Matlab Applications K.G. Nalbant, S. Yüce
9.  Determinant of Dual Quaternion Matrices and Matlab Applications K.G. Nalbant, S. Yüce
10.  Reidemeister Torsion of Orientable Punctured Surfaces E. Dirican, Y. Sözen
11.  Moving Coordinate System and Euler-Savary Formula under One-Parameter N. Gürses, S. Yüce, M. Akbıyık
 Planar Homothetic Motions in Generalized Complex Number Plane C_j
12.  Pythagorean Hodograph λ μ – Bezier Like Curve with Two Shape Parameters A. Ayar, B. Şahin
13.  Cheng-Yau Operator and Gauss Map of Rotational Hypersurfaces in the Four E. Güler, N.C. Turgay
 Dimensional Euclidean Space
14.  Helicoidal Hypersurfaces in the Four Dimensional Minkowski Space E. Güler, G. Kaimakamis, M. Magid
15.  Surface Growth Kinematics in Galilean Space Z. Özdemir, G. Tuğ, İ. Gök, F.N.
16.  Möbius-Type Hypersurface in 4-Space E. Güler, H.H. Hacısalihoğlu
17.  Mappings for generating rational helices B. Altunkaya, L. Kula
18.  A note on isometric immersions into 𝕊 𝒏 × ℝ F. Manfio, N.C. Turgay
19.  On Geodesics of the Tangent and Normal Surfaces Defined by TN-Smarandache A. Yılmaz, B. Şahin
 Curve According to Frenet Frame
20.  Some Properties of Bicomplex Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Numbers F. Babadağ
21.  Real matrix representations for Tessarine Numbers F. Babadağ
22.  Some Characterizations for Ruled Surface Pair Generated by Natural Lift Curve in E. Karaca, M. Çalışkan
 Dual Space
23.  Loxodromes on Helicoidal and Canal Surfaces in Euclidean 4-Space M. Babaarslan
24.  Approximating the Definite Integral Computation: A Novel Method F. Taş, S. Topal
25.  Spherical Bézier Curves and Ruled Surfaces F. Taş, O. Gürsoy, S. Topal
26.  Some Research Notes on Lifting of Evolute Curve on Tangent Space TR³ H. Çayır, S. Şenyurt
27.  Some Research Results with respect to lifts of F_\lambda(7,1)-structure on Cotangent H. Çayır, Y. Soylu
28.  Some Notes on lifting of Frenet formulas on tangent space TR³ H. Çayır
29.  On Lifting of Involute Curve on Tangent Space TR³ H. Çayır
30.  Recent Developments on Magnetic Curves A.I. Nistor
31.  Conformal Riemannian Maps in Complex Geometry Ş. Yanan, B. Şahin
32.  On Grassmann Images of Rotational Surfaces in E⁴ E. Demirbaş, K. Arslan
33.  On Rotational Submanifolds in Euclidean Spaces K. Arslan, B. Bayram, B. Bulca, G.
34.  g-lifts of covariant tensor fields in the coframe bundle A. Salimov, H. Fattayev
35.  A Study Of Wintgen Like Inequality For Submanifolds In Statistical Warped Product C. Murathan, B. Şahin
36.  Yamabe Solitons On Three-Dimensional Normal Almost Paracontact Metric Manifolds İ. Küpeli Erken
37.  Almost Cosymplectic Statistical Manifolds A. Yazla, İ. Küpeli Erken, C. Murathan
38.  The Golden Ratio and Finite Blaschke Products of Degree Two and Three S. Uçar, N. Yılmaz Özgür
39.  Similar Cartan null curves in Minkowski 4-space with variable transformations F. Babadağ
40.  On the Special Geometry of Calabi-Yau Moduli Spaces Ö. Kelekçi
41.  Euclidean Curves with Incompressiable Canonical Vector Fields K. Arslan, Y. Aydın, E. Demirbaş, A.
42.  Differential equations for a space curve according to the unit Darboux vector S. Şenyurt, O. Çakır
43.  On a class of slant curves in S-manifolds Ş. Güvenç, C. Özgür
44.  Mixed Totally Geodesic Semi-Invariant Submanifolds of Trans-Sasakian Finsler N. Çalışkan, A.F. Sağlamer, N. Kılıç
45.  On the Normality Conditions of Almost Kenmotsu Finsler Structures on Vector Bundles N. Çalışkan, A.F. Sağlamer, N. Kılıç
46.  On the Curvatures of Indefinite Kenmotsu Finsler Manifolds A.F. Sağlamer, N. Çalışkan, N. Kılıç
47.  Sasakian Lorentzian Structures on Indefinite Finsler Manifolds A.F. Sağlamer, N. Çalışkan, N. Kılıç
48.  Contact CR-submanifolds in spheres M.I. Munteanu
49.  Contact Pseudo-Metric Structures On Indefinite Finsler Manifolds N. Kılıç, A.F. Sağlamer, N. Çalışkan
50.  𝛆-Sasakian Structures on Indefinite Finsler Manifolds N. Kılıç, A.F. Sağlamer, N. Çalışkan
51.  The Motivation for the Space-Like Surface of Constant Breadth M. Çimdiker, Y. Ünlütürk
52.  Intrinsic Equations for a Generalized Relaxed Elastic Line Due to the B-Darboux M. Dede, M. Çimdiker, C. Ekici
 Frame of Space-Like Curve on a Surface in the Minkowski 3-Space
53.  Intrinsic Equations for a Generalized Relaxed Elastic Line Due to the B-Darboux M. Çimdiker, C. Ekici, M. Dede
 B-Darboux Frame on an Oriented Surface
54.  A New Approach On Dual Spherical Curves and Surfaces S. Şenyurt, A. Çalışkan
55.  Relationships Between Symplectic Groupoids And Generalized Golden Manifolds F. Şahin
56.  A Geometric Viewpoint on the Fixed-Circle Problem N. Taş, N. Yılmaz Özgür
57.  The Circling-Point Curve of Inverse Motion in Minkowski Plane K. Eren, S. Ersoy
58.  Fractals of Infinite Area F. Çilingir
59.  A Neutral Relation Between Polynomial Structure and Almost Quadratic φ-Structure S. Gönül, İ. Küpeli Erken, A. Yazla, C.
60.  On Vectorial Moments According to Bishop Frame in Minkowski 3-Space M.T. Sarıaydın, T. Körpınar
61.  New Fixed-Circle Theorems N. Yılmaz Özgür, N. Taş
62.  A Study on the Deformed Second Lift Metric on the Second Order Tangent Bundle A. Mağden, A. Gezer, K. Karaca
63.  Characterizations of Some Associated and Special Curves to Cartan Frame in S. Yılmaz, Y. Ünlütürk
 Complex Space
64.  On The Principal Normal and Binormal Spherical Indicatrices of a Time-like W-Curve Y. Ünlütürk, S. Yılmaz
 on Pseudohyperbolic Space H₀³
65.  On the Spherical Indicatrices of Pseudo Null Curves in Minkowski Space-Time E1^4 Y. Ünlütürk, S. Yılmaz
66.  On Timelike Surfaces of Constant Breadth M. Çimdiker, Y. Ünlütürk
67.  Various Types of Fixed-Circle Results on S-Metric Spaces N. Taş
68.  A Note on Neutral Slant Submersions Y. Gündüzalp
69.  On Clairaut Anti-invariant Semi-Riemannian Submersions Y. Gündüzalp
70.  On the geometry of conformal slant submersions Y. Gündüzalp, M.A. Akyol
71.  Some Results for Generalized Null Mannheim curves in 4-dimensional Semi-Euclidean N. Kılıç Aslan, K. İlarslan
 Space with Index 2
72.  Smarandache Curves According to q-Frame in Euclidean 3-Space C. Ekici, M.B. Göksel, M. Dede
73.  Translation Hypersurfaces in Isotropic Spaces M.E. Aydın, A.O. Öğrenmiş, M. Ergüt
74.  On Affine Factorable Surfaces A. Erdur, M.E. Aydın, M. Ergüt
75.  Translation surfaces in Galilean Spaces A.O. Öğrenmiş, M.E. Aydın, M.A.
76.  Projective vector fields on the tangent bundle with respect to the semi-symmetric E. Karakaş, A. Gezer
 metric connection
77.  Statistical Submersions in Cosymplectic-like Statistical Manifolds H. Aytimur, C. Özgür
78.  Ricci Solitons on Lorentzian Hypersurfaces of Pseudo-Euclidean Spaces B. Bektaş Demirci
79.  On The Isometries Of The Generalized Taxicab Plane H.B. Çolakoğlu
80.  On The Pythagorean Theorem In The Generalized Taxicab Plane H.B. Çolakoğlu
81.  On gh-lifts of Some Tensor Fields R. Çakan
82.  Spherical Caustic Curves Generated by Reflected Rays F. Ateş, F.N. Ekmekci, İ. Gök
83.  A Special Interpretation of the Concept “Constant Breadth” for a Space Curve T. Ağırman Aydın, H. Kocayiğit, M. Sezer
84.  Generalized Tessarine Numbers And Homothetic Motions F. Babadağ
85.  Partially Null Curves Lying Completely on the Subspace of R^4_2 E. İyigün
86.  On the Complex Fibonacci 3-Vectors K. Çetinberk, S. Yüce
87.  ACN On Geometric Graphs D. Doğan Durgun, A. Bagatarhan
88.  Generalized Ricci Solitons on Lorentzian Twisted Product S. Güler, S.A. Demirbağ
89.  Geometry of Statistical F-connections Ç. Karaman, A. Gezer
90.  On Lightlike W-Curves in 4-dimensional Semi-Euclidean Space with Index 2 H. Altın Erdem, N. Kılıç Aslan, K. İlarslan
91.  Codazzi pairs on almost anti-Hermitian manifolds H. Çakıcıoğlu, A. Gezer
92.  Constraint Manifolds for 2R Open Chain on Lorentz Plane O. Durmaz, B. Aktaş, H. Gündoğan
93.  Constraint Manifolds of 2R Spherical Open Chain in Lorentz Space B. Aktaş, O. Durmaz, H. Gündoğan
94.  On a Study of Lightlike Submanifolds of Metallic semi-Riemannian Manifolds F.E. Erdoğan, S. Yüksel Perktaş, B.E. Acet
95.  Rotation Minimizing Frame and its Applications in E^4 Ö. Keskin, Y. Yaylı
96.  Rectifying Slant Curves in Minkowski 3-Space Ö. Keskin, Y. Yaylı
97.  An Alternative Approach to Tubular Surfaces Ç. Ramis, Y. Yaylı
98.  Developable Surfaces with k-Order Frame Ç. Ramis, E. Demir Çetin, Y. Yaylı
99.  Generic Submersions From Kaehler Manifolds I C. Sayar, H.M. Taştan, F. Özdemir
100.  Generic Submersions From Kaehler Manifolds II C. Sayar, H.M. Taştan, F. Özdemir
101.  Timelike Factorable Surfaces in Minkowski 4-Space IE^4_1 S. Büyükkütük, G. Öztürk
102.  Spacelike Aminov Surfaces of Hyperbolic Type in Four Dimensional Minkowski S. Büyükkütük, G. Öztürk
 Space IE^4_1
103.  Spacelike Aminov Surfaces of Elliptic Type in Four Dimensional Minkowski Space S. Büyükkütük, İ. Kişi, G. Öztürk
104.  Focal Surfaces of a Tubular Surface with Respect to Frenet Frame in IE^3 İ. Kişi, S. Büyükkütük, G. Öztürk
105.  A Characterization of Factorable Surfaces in Euclidean 4-Space IE^4 S. Büyükkütük, G. Öztürk
106.  Involute Curves of Order k of a Given Curve in Galilean 4-Space G_4 İ. Kişi, G. Öztürk
107.  Osculating Direction Curves and Applications S. Sızıltuğ, A. Çakmak, G. Mumcu
108.  Rectifying Direction Curves S. Sızıltuğ, A. Çakmak, G. Mumcu
109.  On T*N* Smarandache Curves of Involute-Evolute Curve According to Frenet Frame Ö. Kalkan, H. Öztürk, D. Zeybek
 in Minkowski 3-space
110.  Reisnerr-Nordström Spacetime Geometry: Derivation of the Euler and Burgers Models B. Okutmuştur
111.  Some Results for CA Surfaces with Higher Codimension A. Kelleci, N.C. Turgay, M. Ergüt
112.  On CPD Surfaces In Euclidean Spaces A. Kelleci, N.C. Turgay, M. Ergüt
113.  Geometric Inextensible Timelike Curve Flows and mKDV Soliton Equation in M. Bektaş, Z. Küçükarslan Yüzbaşı,
 SO(n,1)/SO(n-1,1) S.C. Anco
114.  Properties of Berger Type Deformed Sasaki Metric R. Şimşek, M. Altunbaş, A. Gezer
115.  On Doubly Twisted Submanifolds H.M. Taştan, S. Gerdan
116.  Timelike Tubular Surfaces with Flc-Frame M. Dede, G. Tarım, C. Ekici
117.  Second Order Parallel Symmetric Tensor on a S-manifold F. Mahi, M. Belkhelfa
118.  Bertrand Offsets of Ruled Surfaces with B-Darboux Frame C. Ekici, G. Uğur Kaymanlı, M. Dede
119.  A Study on Rectifying Non-Null Curves in Minkowski 3-space B. Doğan, S. Özkaldı Karakuş
120.  An Alternative Method for Finding n-th Roots of a 2×2 Real Matrix M. Özdemir
121.  The Fermi-Walker Derivative on the Binormal Indicatrix of Spacelike Curve F. Karakuş, Y. Yaylı
122.  The Fermi-Walker Derivative on Spacelike Surfaces F. Karakuş
123.  Hamiltonian Mechanical Energy On Super Hyperbolic Spiral Curve S. Şimşek, C. Yormaz
124.  Lagrangian Mechanical Energy On Super Logarithmic Spiral Curve C. Yormaz, S. Şimşek
125.  Half Derivative Formulation For Fuzzy Space With Caputo Method S. Özekinci, S. Şimşek, C. Yormaz
126.  New Fixed-Circle Results via Some Families of Functions U. Çelik, N. Yılmaz Özgür
127.  D-homothetic Deformation on Almost Contact B-Metric Manifolds Ş. Bulut
128.  On Fibonacci Spinors T. Erişir, M.A. Güngör
129.  A Note on Bicomplex Matrices S. Kaya Nurkan, S. Dolaşır
130.  The Beam Models depending on Geometry of Deformed Beams D. Dönmez Demir, B.G. Sınır, G. Şanal
131.  Conformal Semi-slant Submersions with Total Space a Kahler Manifold M.A. Akyol
132.  Biharmonic Riemannian Submersions M.A. Akyol, Y.L. Ou
133.  On Distance Formulae in Two Convex Dual Spaces Z. Çolak, Z. Can
134.  A Study on Constant Angle Surfaces Constructed On Curves In Minkowski 3-Space S. Özkaldı Karakuş
135.  Pseudo Cyclic Z-Symmetric Manifold A. Yavuz Taşçı, F. Özen Zengin
136.  3-Dimensional Quasi-Sasakian Manifolds with The Schouten-Van Kampen A. Sazak, A. Yıldız
 Connection and D_a-Homotetic Deformation
137.  Some Conditions on 3-Dimensional Quasi-Sasakian Manifolds with The A. Sazak, A. Yıldız
 Schouten-Van Kampen Connection
138.  The Geometry of Complex Golden Conjugate Connections M. Özkan, T. Tamirci
139.  Some Geometric Properties of Rhombic Dodecahedron Space T. Ermiş, G. Zaim Erçınar, Ö. Gelişgen
140.  Some Distance Formulae in 3-Dimensional Truncated Octahedron Space Z. Can, L. Yalçın, Z. Çolak
141.  Surfaces with Constant Slope According To Darboux Frame A. Yavuz, F. Ateş, Y. Yaylı
142.  The Circle Inversion Fractals In Terms Of Alpha Metric Ö. Gelişgen, T. Ermiş
143.  On Some Arcs in the Smallest Cartesian Group Plane Z. Akça, A. Bayar, S. Ekmekçi
144.  On Coordinatization and Fibered Projective Plane Z. Akça, S. Ekmekçi, A. Bayar
145.  Parallel Frame of Nonlighlike Curves in Minkowski Space-time by Means of M. Erdoğdu
 Lorentzian Rotations M. Erdoğdu
146.  Anti-Invariant Semi-Parallel Submanifolds of a (LCS)_n Manifolds Ü. Yıldırım, M. Atçeken, S. Dirik
147.  Inversion About a Circle in PT Metric Space T. Ermiş, E. Çolak Aktaş, M. Atçeken,
Ö. Gelişgen
148.  On Graphs Obtained From Projective Planes F. Özen Erdoğan, A. Dayıoğlu, A.
Akpınar, B. Çelik
149.  On the Construction of Bertrand Curves Ç. Camcı
150.  A Curve Theory in Sliced Almost Contact Metric Manifolds M. Gümüş, Ç. Camcı
151.  On Rectifying Spherical Curves in Euclidean Space D. Yeniçırak, Ç. Camcı
152.  Isometry Group in TD and TI Metric Spaces T. Ermiş, Ö. Gelişgen
153.  The Slant Helices According to N-Bishop Frame of The Timelike Curve in Minkowski H. Kuşak Samancı, A. Yıldız
154.  Introduction to Dual Covariant Derivative on Time Scales H. Kuşak Samancı
155.  On Quadratic Rational Bezier Curve with Split Quaternion Weights H. Kuşak Samancı
156.  A Partial Solution to an Open Problem of Frenet Frame of A Curve Parametrized By H. Kuşak Samancı
 Time Scales
157.  Nearly Metallic Kähler Manifolds S. Turanlı, A. Gezer, E. Altıntaş
158.  The Parallel Equidistant Ruled Surfaces on the Dual Space S. Gür, S. Şenyurt, L. Grilli
159.  The Gauss Curvatures of the Dual Parallel Equidistant Ruled Surfaces S. Gür, S. Şenyurt, L. Grilli
160.  On Semi Biharmonic Legendre Curves in Sasakian Space Forms F. Karaca, C. Özgür
161.  f-Biminimal Maps in Generalized Space Forms F. Karaca
162.  Notes on Geodesics of SO(3) İ. Ayhan
163.  Line Intersections on Some Projective Klingenberg Planes E. Demirci, B. Çelik
164.  Plane Mechanism and Dual Spatial Motions A. Altun
165.  Some Properties of Parabolas Whose Vertices are On Sides of Orthic Triangle and A. Bayar, A. Altıntaş, Süheyla Ekmekçi,
 Foci are Orthocenter Z. Akça
166.  The Inverse Kinematics of Rolling Contact Motion of Timelike Surfaces in the Direction M. Aydınalp, M. Kazaz, H.H. Uğurlu
 of Spacelike Unit Tangent Vector with Point Contact
167.  The Inverse Kinematics of Rolling Contact Motion of Timelike Surfaces in the Direction M. Aydınalp, M. Kazaz, H.H. Uğurlu
 of Timelike Unit Tangent Vector with Point Contact
168.  A New Approach for of Inextensible Flows with Modified KdV Flow S. Baş, Z. Körpınar, H. Öztekin,
T. Körpınar
169.  On Fermi-Walker Derivative with Modified Frame M. Yeneroğlu, V. Asil, T. Körpınar,
S. Baş
170.  Computation of the Lines of Curvature of Parametric Hypersurfaces in E^4 F. Çelik, M. Düldül
171.  Translation Surfaces According to a New Frame İ. Arslan Güven, M. Dede, İ. Tor
172.  Timelike Conchoid Curves in Minkowski Plane M. Dede, H. Tozak, C. Ekici
173.  A New Class of Nearly Kenmotsu Manifolds P. Tekin, G. Ayar, N. Aktan
174.  Householder Transformation with Hyperbolic Numbers D. Soylu, M. Özdemir
175.  On Contact CR-Submanifolds of a Sasakian Manifold S. Dirik, M. Atçeken, Ü. Yıldırım
176.  Pseudoparallel Invariant Submanifolds of (LCS)n-Manifolds M. Atçeken, Ü. Yıldırım, S. Dirik
177.  On Contact Pseudo-Slant Submanifolds in a LP-Cosymplectic Manifold S. Torun, S. Dirik
178.  An examination on curves with common principal normal and Darboux vectors in E³ Ş. Kılıçoğlu, S. Şenyurt
179.  On Fuzzy Line Spreads S. Ekmekçi, A. Bayar, F.B. Kazanç,
Z. Akça
180.  Fiber Diagonal triangle and Fiber Quadrangular Set S. Ekmekçi, Z. Akça, A. Bayar
181.  A New Method to Obtain The Position Vector of Slant Helices in Lorentz-Minkowski F. Yerlikaya, İ. Aydemir
182.  A New Perspective to Solve The Derivative Formulas of The Frenet-Serret Frame in F. Yerlikaya, İ. Aydemir
 Lorentz-Minkowski 3-Space
183.  The Frenet Frames of Lorentzian Spherical Timelike Helices and Their Invariants H.H. Uğurlu, G. Yaşar, B. Çiçekdal
184.  Timelike Helices On The Lorentzian Sphere S^2_1(𝒓) H.H. Uğurlu, H. Kabadayı, G. Yaşar
185.  Quaternionic and Split Quatenionic Principal Curvatures and Principal Directions Ş.N. Elmas, S. Şimşek, C. Yormaz
186.  Some Classes of Invariant Submanifolds of (k,µ)-Contact Manifold M. Atçeken, P. Uygun
187.  On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Menelaus and Ceva Theorems A. Bayar, Z. Akça, S. Ekmekçi
188.  On Some Classical Theorems in Fibered Projective Plane A. Bayar, S. Ekmekçi, Z. Akça
189.  Some Applications of Generalized Bicomplex Numbers on Motions in Four F. Kahraman Aksoyak, S. Özkaldı
 Dimensional Spaces Karakuş
190.  On the Affine Planes Embedded in NFPG(2,9) E. Altıntaş, A. Bayar, Z. Akça, S.
191.  On Some Properties of the (6,2)-arc in NFPG(2,9) E. Altıntaş, A. Bayar, Z. Akça, S.
192.  Right Conoid in Euclidean 3-Space M.K. Karacan, N. Yüksel, Y. Tunçer,
B. Saltık
193.  On the Differential Geometry of GL_p,q(1/1) S.A. Çelik, İ. Temli
194.  The Symmetry Group of the Differential Calculus on F(R_q(1/1)) S. Çelik, S.A. Çelik, İ. Temli
195.  On Characterization of Inextensible Flows with Modified Orthogonal Frame T. Körpınar, S. Baş, M. Yeneroğlu,
R.C. Demirkol
196.  On Some Surfaces by Ribbon Frame M. Yeneroğlu, V. Asil, T. Körpınar,
S. Baş
197.  On The Classification Of Generalized m-Quasi Einstein Manifolds M. Atasever, S. A. Demirbağ
198.  On the Square Roots of 2×2 Real Matrices M. Özdemir, İ. Akgül
199.  A Geometric Modeling of Tracheal Elements of Chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla L.) Leaf K. Arslan, B. Bulca, A. Özdemir
B. Bozdağ, C. Özdemir
200.  Geometric Modeling and Statistical Comparison of Some Sage (Salvia L.) Glandular A. Özdemir, B. Bulca, B. Bozdağ
 Hairs C. Özdemir, K. Arslan
201.  New Type Direction Curves in E^3_1 A. Çakmak, S. Kızıltuğ, G. Mumcu
202.  A study on Null Quaternionic Curves in Minkowski spaces T. Kahraman
203.  A Study on Differential Equations of Null Quaternionic curves T. Kahraman, P. Balkı Okullu
204.  On the L-Hyperbola and L-Parabola in the Lorentz-Minkowski Plane N. Sönmez, A. Açıkgöz
205.  Some Properties Generic Submanifolds of LP-Cosymplectic Manifold R. Sarı, E. Aksoy Sarı, İ. Ünal
206.  Some Curvature Properties of CR-Submanifolds of a Para Sasakian Manifold R. Sarı, E. Aksoy Sarı, M.A. Akyol
207.  A Hamilton–Jacobi Theory for Implicit Differential Systems O. Esen, M. de Leon, C. Sardón
208.  Conformal Generalization of Nambu-Poisson Geometry in 3D O. Esen
209.  Indicatrices of the Curves in Affine 3-Space Y. Tunçer, H. Kocayiğit, M.K. Karacan
210.  Special Curves in Euclidean 3-Space Y. Tunçer, H. Kocayiğit, M.K. Karacan
H. Çümen
211.  Characterizations of Dual Curves in Dual Space D^3 According to Dual Bishop Frame M. Kazaz, D. Gökyeşil
212.  On Normal Complex Contact Metric Manifolds Admitting a Semi-symmetric Non-Metric A. Turgut Vanlı, D. Özdemir, İ. Ünal
213.  Invariant Submanifolds of Normal Complex Contact Metric Manifolds A. Turgut Vanlı, İ. Ünal, R. Sarı
214.  Stability Measures of Sierpinski Fractal G. Bacak Turan
215.  Generalized Quaternions in Spatial Kinematics in an Algebraic Sense E. Ata, Ü.Z. Savcı
216.  Approaching Generalized Quaternions From Matrix Algebra E. Ata, Ü.Z. Savcı
217.  Generalized Complex Contact Space Forms İ. Ünal, A. Turgut Vanlı, G. Alkaya
218.  On the Curvatures Properties of Tangent Bundle of Hypersurfaces in a Euclidean S. Yurttançıkmaz, Ö. Tarakçı, A. Gezer
219.  Geometry of Lightlike Submanifolds of Golden Semi Riemannian Manifolds F.E. Erdoğan, C. Yıldırım, E. Karataş
220.  A Study on the Rotated Surfaces in Galilean Space F. Almaz, M. Alyamaç Külahçı
221.  The Fermi-Walker Derivative and Dual Frenet Frame T. Şahin, F. Karakuş, Y. Yaylı
222.  The Fermi-Walker Derivative and Non-Rotating Frame in Dual Space T. Şahin, F. Karakuş, K. Orbay
223.  On 3-dimensional Almost Golden Riemannian Manifold B. Gherici
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